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Lovebirds, you want to know about lovebirds? Well you came to the right place.

Lovebird Mania is a website dedicated to lovebirds and only lovebirds.
If you are a new lovebird owner then this is exactly the kind of website you have been looking for, even if you are not new to lovebirds you will still learn a thing or two about lovebirds by visitingLovebird Mania.

Lovebird Mania offers all kinds of information and resources about lovebirds including but not limited to:

– An introduction to lovebirds (what they are, where they come from ect..)

– Information on how to choose the right lovebirds for you.

– Quick access to everything you need to know about feeding & keeping your lovebirds healthy.

Frequently asked questions on lovebirds (How to sex a lovebird, how old do lovebirds get ect..)

Full color photographs of an assortment of lovebirds.

– The nine species of lovebirds and the various mutations.

– A list of Lovebird breeders in New Zealand

All this information on lovebirds plus lots lots more here at Lovebird Mania.

To access the information all you need to do is click on the information buttons on the left hand side of this page or use the search box at the top of every page.

For even more lovebird information please check out this great lovebird website

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Did you know that lovebirds are parrots too?
Many people believe that lovebirds are not parrots, in fact lovebirds are indeed parrots;
lovebirds are small cuddly parrots that have the ability to mimic like most other parrots, but lovebirds are not well known for their mimicking.
Lovebirds have a hooked beak and 2 toes forward 2 toes back.
so lovebirds are parrots.