Clipping Lovebirds wings.

When you clip a lovebirds wings you only have to trim her flight feathers (if you don’t know where the flight feathers are located please click here to look at a diagram of a lovebird’s body
By trimming the flight feathers you are making it so your lovebird cannot fly but can still safely glide if she falls from a high place like a table top.

Clipping wings is a rather touchy topic as some choose to clip and some choose not too, I on the other hand do not have an opinion on this matter as I have done both.
Clipping wings is your own choice but please bear in mind the following things…

– Flying gives lovebirds exercise, taking away flight from a lovebird will cause it to not get as much exercise to develop their muscles and organs.

– Your lovebird will have more freedom if it can fly.

– If your lovebird is very tame and confident you should not clip its wings.

– If a lovebirds wings are not clipped and the lovebird is tame then it can fly to family members and fly away from dangers.

– Lovebirds look better with unclipped wings as the wings once clipped are jagged and short.

Clipping a lovebirds wings is good too because….

– It will not allow them to escape outside of a open window.

– They are easier to tame with wings clipped.

– They will not beable to fly into windows hurting themselves.

– Clipping a lovebirds wings can calm down a nervous bird.

If you have never clipped wings before do not do it your self, get a vet to do it for you because you can seriously harm your bird if you do not know what and where to trim.

There is a website that shows you how to clip the wings properly; that is if you are clipping them yourself.
The website is located at