Feeding your lovebird

Lovebirds have hooked beaks which means they can eat a variety of seeds and nuts but that is not all you should feed them as feeding them only seeds and nuts can lead to vitamin deficiency.

You should always feed your birds a mixture of seeds, fruits and vegetables to insure a healthy lovebird.

Every day you should offer your lovebird a mix of the following seeds…
Niger, silver millet (not a millet spray), flax, peas, oats; you should also add some canary or budgie seed mix as well

I choose to by my seed and bulk and mix it myself instead of buying the premixed seeds at pet stores so that I know what goes into my lovebirds.

You should also give your birds fresh fruits and vegetables each day in addition to the seed which will give your lovebirds a healthy balanced diet.

Toxic foods lovebirds (or any birds) should never eat

The following is a list of foods that are poisonous and can kill lovebirds or any other bird for that matter….

– Avocado
– Rhubarb leaves
– Apple seeds

Fruit and veggies lovebirds can eat

Here is a list of all the fruits and vegetables lovebirds can eat and will not get sick from.

– Silver beets
– Red and green bell peppers
– Broccoli
– Dandelion flowers
– Corn on the cob or corn kernels
– Chick weed
– Banana
– Apple
– Celery
– mung beans
– snow peas

Please note that this list is not complete, there are many other fruits and veggies you can feed your lovebirds; just use your imagination.