The history of Lovebird Mania

Started in July 2000 a year after I got my first lovebird Petey, Lovebird Mania was called “Scotts Lovebird Page” and consisted of about 4 pages. It had only a few hits per week and was made and hosted in
I then in October 2000 got a free domain name called “” which was short for Peach Faced because the site only contained info, links and pics of peach faced lovebirds. That was hosted on Tripod for a few months and then Geocities until was terminated by me.

A websites on only Peach Faced Lovebirds was getting kind of boring and so I decided at the start of 2001 to make “Lovebird Mania®
This new site included links to other glorious sites containing lovebirds and information on all of the 9 species of lovebird. It took awhile to find a good IRC Chat room for “Lovebird Mania” but I found one in august 2001 and it was worth the wait.

Lovebird Mania” has gone through many changes in design and as I have gotten better at the art of webdesign the designs for “Lovebird Mania” has improved dramatically.
Thank you very much for the support over the years and I hope more support keeps coming for the next few years as well.