Peach Face Lovebird Mutations

Dutch Blue, Marine, Par Blue:

A true blue pf mutation does not exist as it does in the eye-ring species. The blue lovebird is more aqua and the red in the face is greatly reduced leaving a creamy bib with a small band over the forehead which is an apricot. When there babies there heads will be grey, but around 3 months of age the grey fades and the apricot band becomes visible.


A pied lovie has a very dramatic reduction in the red face sometimes eliminating it completely. The body colour is a yellow with green, aqua and blue hues.


The ino has no melanin, even in their eyes. This is the reason for the red eyes. If the ground colour is green then the bird will be bright yellow (lutino) and if the ground colour is blue the bird will be a creamy colour with an apricot band across the forehead (creamino). You can not have a true albino pf because you would need a true blue bird and this only occurs in the eye ring species.

Australian Ino:

This colour mutation is very similar to that of the creamino and lutino. If you have a ground color of green the body will be a vibrant yellow and the bird will still retain the red face. If the ground colour is blue the body is a creamy yellow and the face mask fades into a creamy white. They apricot band will also appear.

American Cinnamon:

This mutation can be achieved by a reduction in black melanin and an increase in brown. The flight feathers on this bird are tan coloured. If the ground colour is green you end up with a pale green brownish body with the red face. If the ground colour is blue the body will be soft green/blue with a brown undertone. The red face disappears and the apricot band becomes visible.


Violet LB’s can have either have a lavender to deep purple rump. This factor can be added to most any colour mutation, but some bird’s feathers are to dark to show the purple. This does not mean that it’s a split violet. Another colour is simply obscuring it.

White Faced:

This bird has an all white bib with no apricot band acrossed the forehead.

Sea Green:

This bird has a much greener hue to the body than a Dutch blue has.


Orange Faced:

An Orange Faced lb just has an orange face instead of a red. You can this mutation in ino mutations also.