What is a lovebird?

The species commonly called Lovebirds scientifically called Agapornis comprise of a very diverse and colorful group of parrots from Africa.
Lovebirds have been kept as pets for over 100 years as you will find out when you read the history section of Lovebird Mania.

The playful and very inquisitive nature plus the small size of the species Agapornis make them a very ideal pet especially when they have been hand raised.

The lovebird is a short, thick-bodied parrot and is about 5 to 6 inches long from head to tail. A lovebird has a relatively large beak for it’s size and the basic color of the species is green.

Why call them lovebirds you ask? well they were named lovebirds because if kept in pairs the lovebirds will constantly groom each other and sit as close together as possible when sleeping or resting.

Below is a diagram of a lovebirds body with the key to the various parts at the below the diagram.


1 Cere 12 Thigh
2 Upper Mandiple 13 Secondaries
3 Lower Mandiple 14 Under Tail Coverts
4 Lores 15 Central Tail Feathers
5 Breast 16 Primarys
6 Lesser Wing Coverts 17 Rump
7 Secondary Wing Coverts 18 Scapulars
8 Abdomen 19 Mantle
9 Toes 20 Ear Coverts
10 Claw 21 Occiput (Crown)
11 Shank 22 Periophthalmic (eye) Ring