Why a lovebird?

Perhaps you have been pondering about buying a lovebird or lovebirds for quite some time but are wondering what the advantages lovebirds have over the larger species of parrot.
Just continue reading and I will tell you…

Lovebirds are the perfect size

In comparison lovebirds are so much smaller than their larger parrot counterparts; they don’t take up much space and don’t need a huge expensive cage (unlike larger parrots).

Since lovebirds are so small they ar ideal for both houses and flats (Apartments), Lovebirds are very hardly little guys (or gals) and don’t really suffer from that many illnesses if kept clean and fed nutritional balanced diet; I have had lovebirds for over 4 years and I have never had a sick bird.

Larger birds like the Macaws have large beaks and can chew up baseboards, phone cables, books, doors ect and take great delight in doing so; since lovebirds are so small this makes chewing on large objects like doors and books a unlikely occurrence.

Lovebirds are not as noisy than larger type parrots

A squawk from a lovebird can hardly compare to a deafening squawk of a macaw or another large parrot which can upset the neighbors near and far; if kept entertained properly you will not have this problem with a lovebird.
All though a lovebird will call to it’s owner when he or she is out of sight it will rarely travel outside the walls of the house unless of course the windows and doors are open but then again it barely compares the sound outside of the wild birds in the trees or the power lines.