Going on a trip alone offers you an opportunity to do whatever pleases you freely, but sometimes, traveling alone can be very boring. The feeling will be felt most when the day ends, and you realize you’re very lonely.

What you need to do in this case is to hire an escort. Please, note that having a companion with you does not necessarily mean it's for sex. Most of them are not commercial sex workers. Instead, you can have a pleasant time with her while on a journey.

We at Lovebirds Single Dating site offers professional Escort Services for travelers around New Zealand. Our prices are pocket-friendly, and designed to provide you with more extended periods of satisfaction throughout your trip.

Our Method of Services

Hire A Travel Escort

Our Escort girls can go anywhere with you. All you need to do is to provide your complete trip schedule while booking for a girl. Management will after that, confirm if the girl is comfortable traveling with you. There are lots of requirements you have to meet, and most of them boil down to providing comprehensive information about yourself.

Get A Decorated Room

You have to communicate what you need, and we will always oblige your request. No matter the city your traveling to within New Zealand, there are several five-star hotels around, and we are still ready to assist you in locating your choice which is also affordable. Most cities in New Zealand are blessed with couple-friendly hotels, so you can enjoy maximum pleasure while you stay.

This is to say that regardless of where you travel to, Lovebirds Escorts can accompany you.

Medically Safe

We understand that good health plays a premium in all human activities. With this, we are deeply committed to ensuring that our Escort girls are medically safe, as they are always in the company of different people and the process, and may have chances of contracting diseases from these travelers. Unfortunately, if you have sexual intercourse with this type of girls, you may be infected with viruses.

It is with this understanding that we conduct a series of medical tests on our Escorts at least once in every six months.

Kindly note that we do not allow this service to extend into marrying our Escort girls. Our service is strictly designed for companionship while you are on a journey.