Lovebirds Singles Dating website is a wise option for everyone to find long lasting love. The platform has different subscription packages specifically designed to meet the needs of users. But you may ask which package is suitable for you? This aptly depends on what you want and what the size of your budget is.

Here, we explain the Lovebirds subscription cost and the features for the various packages available.

Choosing to join our Lovebirds Singles Dating site

We desire that you’ll make the best choice in choosing from our subscribed packages. This means you need to be adequately informed about which package best suits your needs. If what you need include the desire to have a soul mate that suits your class, then Lovebirds is here to oblige your request.

We have both the FREE and PREMIUM packages wherein you can choose from, while the premium package has GOLD and SILVER features.

a). Free Membership Package

This package is designed to let users have access to basic features. You only have the opportunity to view your profile and have limited chats with other members of the platform. Though you will be allowed to upload photos here, you may be restricted access to search for profiles.

b). Premium Membership Package

With our premium package, the user enjoys full access to virtually all the features which the platform provides. You’ll have full access to communicate with other members of the platform, view other detailed personality profiles and pictures, as well as send and receive emails and messages.

  • Gold Features – This is part of the premium package which has gold features. This feature includes the functionality to upload several photos. It also offers you the express opportunity to meet your potential partner by searching their profiles. You have the liberty to keep swiping and scrolling through different photos and several profiles.

Payment for this feature is very flexible, and offering discounts when you subscribe for six months and three months.

  • Silver Feature – This is similar to the gold feature which offers unlimited access to searching and communicating with other users. What is different here is the subscription rate. Users are offered more flexible subscription options ranging from twelve months, six months, and three months, accompanied by discounts.

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