This Terms of Service is between Lovebirds Singles Dating Site and you. This Terms of Service with our Privacy Policy is a legally binding agreement between you and us.

Definitions used in The Privacy Policy

‘’Agreement’’ clearly states the series of the agreement entered into, between you and Lovebirds Dating Site, that is if you accept the stated Terms which includes a privacy policy and other conditions.

‘’Member’’ clearly means a user with a registered account and has full access in using the service.

‘’Site’’ means the website or another website we may use to provide the dating service.

‘’User’’ interprets any registered or unregistered person who makes use of the service.

‘’Subscriber’’ clearly means a paid or registered user of the service who has both paid and free full access to the service.

Our Rules

We desire that you will have a pleasurable experience in using our site, but it is important a few rules guide you. Please be informed that you will be allowed to use the site if you agree to abide by the RULES and the complete TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY.

Who Can Use the Site?

To be eligible, you must be over eighteen years of age and must be free from any criminal conviction, must not be liable to any police investigation or court order especially as it relates to violence, sexual harassment, assault, fraud, or any form of sexual misconduct.

Types of Membership

The website has a function wherein you can use it for FREE as a guest or a member. Nevertheless, some features are strictly available for paid users. An outstanding feature available to subscribers is the functionality to contact other members using the platform’s inbuilt messaging systems.

Provision of Service

You accept that the website may make some amendments to or stop providing the dating services or restrict your use of the site without any prior notice.

Your knowledge and acceptance are that the management of the site can pose a restriction or deny you access to the services without any prior notice or violation of these Terms of Agreement or if management suspects you have fraudulent intentions. If management restricts access to your account, you may be unable to use the service or have access to any information contained therein.

Right to Cancel

You reserve the right to cancel your request for the services within seven days of placing your request.

You have the option to:

a). Send us an email

b). Fill in the ‘’Cancellation request’’ in the Contact Us form.

Please include your email address and username so that we can easily authenticate your cancellation request.